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Business Model

The business model is simple, buy a parity when it is estimated that the price will rise and sell when it is projected that it will fall. Key players: central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, pension funds, corporations and private speculators. Fees No fees for each position, only the rate spread or differential between buying and selling, which in the case of EURUSD (Euro vs. Dollar) that parity is the most traded in the world, the spread is typically between 3 and 5 pips, but this spread could vary depending on market conditions. Statistics The online trading system began in mid-1990 and has rapidly increased. The major markets are 32% London, New York 19% and 8% Tokyo. Over 40% of the positions lasting less than two days.

The dollar is present in 90% of all transactions. The most traded currencies are the U.S. dollar with 44%, 18% Euro and Yen to 10%. The most traded exchange rates are 28%, 17% and 14% Parities The FOREX trading is done in pairs. A transaction is for the purchase of one currency and selling another. The logic of a position is that you buy when you expect to increase their relative value compared to the other, or sold when it is expected a decrease. The first coin of the pair, is the base currency and the second is the quote currency.

The codes for the currencies used are: USD = Dolara a EUR = Euro JPY = Japanese Yen a GBP = Pound CHF = Franco Suizoa a Dollar CAD = Canadian Dollar AUD = Australianoa a NZ dollar New Zealand = D Tools For increase the chance of ascertaining the direction of the price of one currency you use technical analysis or fundamental analysis. FOREX has the greatest leverage of the investment options, with only $ 100 can handle a batch of $ 10. 000. Stoke different! FOREX compromise becomes a lifestyle: working without bosses and from the home or office, with an excellent reputation and high intellectual level, is atambien excellent investment option for people who want to diversify their investment instruments! Around the world there are thousands of people who engage in trading foreign exchange: FOREX, which can be achieved with proper training and right attitude. No advance preparation is required in financial matters, just a lot of interest and discipline. To learn more visit: My name is Eduardo Garcia and I have over 22 years living in the city of Santiago de Chile.


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GoldCorp Analysts

Within all the problems facing the U.S. economy such as fiscal deficit, the loss of power of the dollar, among others. GoldCorp Analysts believe a strong balance sheet combined with the ability to capitalize on hard times. The company was investigating “Penasquitos Mine” in the Mexican country in order to continue expanding. He also initiated the construction of a new mine in the city of Ontario in Canada about its other gold mines. This is a great investment opportunity to generate large revenues. GoldCorp has one of the lowest production costs in the mining industry with a strong balance sheet allows you to have an acceptable dividend policy.

Buy a mine is much more risky than buying gold mining stocks because they can fall defeated when construction projects are delayed a bit and also an increase in the share price could have a big impact on profit margins of the mines. But today or invest in gold mines is an attractive opportunity to keep us safe from the comings and goings of the economy. Coca-Cola (KO) Coca-Cola has it all really. Attractive dividend policies, expanded global business and a very affordable price per share. CocCola generated profits beyond all the trouble is with the American currency and commodity prices.

The company has the ability to generate large amounts of cash that allow it to grow and develop in any economic field. Muthar Coke CEO Kent said the idea of them is to invest more than $ 2 billion in China over the next three years. Procter & Gamble (PG) With a possible recession or not, Proceter & Gamble plans to invest one trillion dollars in new customers over the next five years. The popular-based firm Cincinnati went through several turbulence last year by the large number of private labels competing for total sales. A cheap dollar and the sale of its branch pharmacist will generate $ 3 billion in cash, giving you some protection as they lower prices for encouraging the “shoopers.” CEO Robert McDonald said P & G is investing heavily in new products and brand extensions such as oils Olay brand in Asia. Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Equity medical settings are surrounded by a lot of questions. The largest pharmaceutical are having trouble following patents protecting its most important drug. While other earnings may be shortened by reimbursement in medicine. Abbott is taking advantage of good earnings and has been making interesting acquisitions. The largest was the disbursement of U.S. $ 6 billion to acquire the pharmaceutical sector in Belguim’s Solvey what Abbot term to transform a major player in the world of vaccines. The action is quoted three times more than analysts expected earnings for the 2010 and 3% of dividends.

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Virtual Stock Exchange

In the virtual broker, as well as in other simulators, you can launch market operations and conditional operations to be executed when that happens you are waiting. The online broker will periodically checking these conditions you choose and run when I can. Virtual Stock Exchange In the online broker is configured to run only when these operations can be negotiated in the bag, ie when the bag is open. The virtual broker will also calculate what your evolution from that recorded in the system so that you can check how you are doing as an investor. You can find technology-based simulators and computer programs online simulators. The advantage of online simulators for computer programs is that you can view their portfolio where there is a PC with internet connection. For a simulator realism makes sense, investment has to resemble reality.

In this regard it is important that the simulator applies the usual commissions also must have mechanisms that allow the collection divisions, detect SPLITS, etc. Get the details and suggest how it works Find out about your online broker or simulator, ask and suggest! It is important that you know the update rate of data, delays and charges levied. And finally knows what to do when everything goes wrong in the case of a simulator is not real money online and may be able to agree with the system administrators when an error occurs. In real life this is not so simple. In case you encounter an error with a real broker can do the following. If something happens that you do not seem well to consult the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to say if your complaint has found. If this is so, then contact the customer service of your broker. The next step is to file a formal complaint at the office of investor attention to the CNMV. Decisions of the CNMV is not binding but is usually taken very seriously by the various banks. If still dissatisfied you are not ready for a battle in the courts.

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