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Limited Liability Company

Re-registering a company is a mandatory procedure for all Limited Liability Company in Russia and in accordance with Federal law 312-FZ of December 30, 2008 "On Amendments to the the first part of the Civil Code and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation. " Re-registration must be necessarily performed with 01.07.2009 on January 1, 2010, otherwise the company may be liquidated by a court request the tax authority. Given that legislative changes will take effect from 01.07 in 2009, before that date the registration of new changes are made. But now experts of "YuRikam.RU" advise you on all matters of procedure and prepare the necessary set of documents. Overview of the changes introduced by the re-registration: 1. The only founding document is the charter company. 2. The statute does not will reflect information about the amount and the nominal value of shares of Company members.

3. Memorandum of Association is excluded from the incorporation documents. Instead the memorandum of association, there is agreement on the establishment society, which is not a constituent document. 4. Moving Company shares from one party to another or to third parties be notarized.

Statement of changes in Incorporation filed a notary public. 5. The Company shall provide maintenance and storage of a list of the company, where you specify information about each member of society, the amount of its share, as well as on the amount of shares belonging to society, when they were transition to a society or acquisition by the company. To carry out re-registration the following documents: – Certificate of state registration (BIN) – a certificate of tax registration (TIN) – statute with all the changes – a protocol (decision) on the appointment of the head – the certificate of registration of previous changes (if applicable) – copies of passports of the participants – the head of the passport.


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