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BONAGO Supports

BONAGO on German sales Conference Munich, 31.08.2012: sales, key account management and marketing converge at the German sales Conference in Wiesbaden from September 4 to 5. On day one, the current situation and future trends are discussed and analyzed. On the second day of an intensive workshop takes place, which shows how the distribution successfully 2012 can prepare for annual talks. Coupon expert BONAGO also is as a sponsor on the spot. As always involves the sales results and new potential, when the German sales specialists in Wiesbaden meet this week. Check with 4Moms to learn more. But how to succeed the sales professionals to be successful again in 2013? Intelligent marketing strategies are a response to the question and therefore an important agenda item of the Congress. evelopment-Analysis-with-Current-and-Future.html’>Medical Billing Software Market, then click here. Congress sponsor BONAGO can score twice on this issue.

When it comes to distinguish their products from the competition and increase sales, then the coupon expert has exactly the right products in the portfolio. Consumer promotions by BONAGO can new customers on Made aware of companies and products, existing customers, promote loyalty, brands strengthened, and increased sales performance are. Consumer promotions are targeted, attractive and free for the end customer additions. Usually, these allowances are services in the form of leisure vouchers. Go to Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for more information. They have a high perceived value, but can be offered at a low purchase price. But not only for the end customer, BONAGO has the right product in the portfolio. When it comes to reward salespeople for successes and continue to inspire, great services BONAGO can help with eclectic shopping and tank vouchers. The specially designed MitarbeiterCARD allows companies such as monthly tax-free to incentivising the staff up to a maximum of 44. Who wants to succeed 2013 sales should provide structured incentives for customers and employees. Only who systematically involved before, can its sales process profitable fashion.”so Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO incentive Marketing Group GmbH.

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Contact Lenses And More

Gone are the days when a set of contact lenses were the domain of the visually impaired. (As opposed to 4Moms). These days, prescription lenses are not available to everyone, even if you are blessed with 20:20 vision. In fact, most special effects lenses available on the internet have 0.00 power, which means that do not change their view. These types of lenses, in particular, as the eyes of cats, for example, are ideal for those who just want a set of lenses to wear to the party, parade on the dance floor or just to frighten their unruly neighbors! Contact with a cat eye lens can be very striking, especially if the color resembles your natural eye color. Your friends will notice the change, but the effect is very subtle.

Many movies and rock stars now use special effects lenses out of their workplace, by the mere cosmetic effect. To read more click here: Keith Yamashita. And a powerful effect that it is too! Imagine the scene in a nightclub, as casually walking to someone who wants to impress, with his eyelids and his head bent down, then lifts his head, smiling, and open your eyes straight in front of them. Wow! Would not it be a spectacular introduction? Just be sure not to order your drinks in a dish …. Taking Care of Your Eyes ======================== Although the lenses, the effect of the cat's eyes are especially suited for cases no prescription, you should still be careful with them and seek professional advice to ensure that your eyes do not suffer from improper use. If you have vision problems, you may be familiar with contact lenses and be able to fit with confidence.

However, if your vision is good, how can you know: – * Insert your lenses in your eyes, and later how to remove them. * Clean the lenses properly * Store your lenses properly Each of these is critical for the long life of your lenses, but more importantly, good health his eyes. Proper installation of your lens is important for your own comfort, since a loose lens float away from the eyes. A good fit lens will also help avoid scratching of the cornea and to try to eliminate them. And do not share your lenses with your friends. A guaranteed way to pass eye infections such as conjunctivitis and worse between them. Charlie Cory is an Internet entrepreneur. FX Eyes is his latest enterprise, which specializes in special effect contact lenses.

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Hot Spots

Each time we find it more complicated women reconcile our family life and work, especially when in the familiar look and feel not only we contemplate spending time with our spouses and children, but that we want to include organization, supply and household cleaning tasks. Because the time that remains free after breastfeeding, care for, educate our children, and working away from home if we also do it, do not consider it free time for us, to read a book, go out with our family or other leisure activity, not, normally what we call free time is at that time without very specific work, in which YesOnce in a while we relaxed and we had fun, but do many times we dedicate it to household chores for lack of organisation or time? Then is our free time? Sometimes it is almost non-existent? I after years of living in the organizational chaos, learned how to manage my time and my home, something essential when you are a homeschooler MOM. So I empape of multiple methods that teem by Internet. Most are optimization of corporate work methodologies transferred to domestic life, but it is true that with a little willingness and a small adaptation to each individual work. Now, I combine the upbringing and education of three children with a part-time job, six hours a day, and I feel that I do have the reins of my life and my home in your hands there are many web pages with different methods. You may find that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala can contribute to your knowledge. the source for more info.

My favorite is the Flylady, which has an easy-to-adapt method and that helps keep the House. You don’t have to have it as the jets of gold, which is also not what I intend to, but remains. It is based on some fixed routines, morning and evening and spend about fifteen minutes of concentrated at some task form in addition to that specific. You can then go complicating with weekly and monthly tasks plans by areas of work within the household, etc. But the basics are the daily routines, and in addition it also takes into account that you need to take care of it these are my routines: morning routine levantarme soon wash up and dress me Review bathroom put washer breakfast review agenda prepare activity children spend Duster activity with children program followed Epysteme 15 minutes in the area reviewed e-mails routine noon prepare meal eat leave shiny sink 5 minutes destrasteando in the room that is worse. Put to cook dinner (with the help of my crock-pot usually) routine before go to sleep leaving the shiny sink pick up toys or Hot Spots (areas that are filled with papers and tackle during the day) 2 minutes check menu for following day washing my teeth reading a story to the children each family has to find that routines are adapted to your lifestyle. Another day I will share with you the daily tasks that have each of my children, and as that aid that the House will remain in better condition with less effort..


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Careers and Businesses

Invite them into your business, and it is quite possible that you'll be partners. 5. Limitless economic opportunities Every man, regardless of education, social status can come into the company network to promote and get so much as considers possible and sufficient for himself. You do not have a ceiling in earnings. Do you only have unlimited opportunities.

And if you have a burning desire to succeed, you will be able to achieve this. 6. Favorable schedule of activities Just like you, many people are tired to perform his duties as a day and earn only that they have identified. At one likes is often not enough time, but on entertainment and recreation is no money to spare. Many women want to devote more attention to the family, raising kids and grandchildren. Older people and Students are constantly ready to earn some money. Working in a network promoting suitable for everyone: and those who are willing to work several hours a day, and those who want as much as possible and work hard for their money well-being.

7. Career Not everyone with a university education and even a degree, got a brilliant career. Just in case you can achieve the career top, regardless of age and education. You need only step by step to learn from each case and to teach new people. 8. Family business you can do this business the whole family. For all this family has born the general theme, and the profit of each growing. You will have the opportunity to earn a better paying education, housing, children, you have other opportunities for joint leisure.


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Solar Panels

The basic principle of how solar panels offered by our company and the solar panels is almost the direct conversion of light emanating from our daylight in the current – of course, electric. With the mentioned equipment and the current is generated, and, a constant current. The resulting energy consumers can use in different ways. (Source: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo). For example, the use of those instruments and devices that are directly perceive this same dc – that is, able to work on it. Another case of using solar energy – it is stored in batteries, so to speak, for future use, so that at the right time people could it use – in fact there are on fixed lines and peak loads.

A more energy produced by solar panels and solar panels, zealous owners convert to another type of current, which is called a variable and well-known for his stress, expressed as the number of 220 volt. Light energy, which in contrast to the natural resources of coal, oil, gas, timber, in fact, endless, still asserts itself. Unfortunately, Solar energy is not developing as rapidly as, say, the same atomic energy. But many developments in this field are able to produce a revolution not only in production and daily life, but in our minds. Meet more closely with the novelties offered by "Sphinx-9. No doubt, solar panels and other supporters of Helios howl your recognition. Not tonight – so tomorrow!.


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Dale Carnegie

The best way to learn to have an effective communication is to know the nearest person: we ourself. 1. What you know. To be an effective speaker it is fundamental to practice what it has learned, to stay updated and to share what knows. As the great Dale Carnegie already said to it, " you only speak than sabe".

2. He listens. To know how to listen the other will help him to include/understand the message, and to make questions intelligent.But also he is key to be listened to one same one while it speaks. To listen to the sound of our voice can teach to be a little to more insurances to us with we ourself and to say the things that we create with more conviction. 3.

He is humble. All we commit errors, and, sometimes we tend not to pronounce or the words, to be united or to stutter. Sometimes, we are not very safe of the articulation of a word, so it is not scared to ask if you are saying the correct word and of the suitable way, even can make a small joke on the point. This will be able to stretch to his audience, and to create proximity and affection. 4. He makes contact with the enemy with the eyes It is fundamental to know how to direct the glance. For this, he makes a cross mental of the audience in which one is, and is crossing the four points de la Cruz, of way not to maintain the glance fixes only to 2 people, but to the spaces drawn up de la Cruz. 5. He has sense of humor A little humor can make wonders to even diminish the tension or the boredom before a long speech. From this form, it will obtain the attention of the majority of his listeners, and will give the impression of being more accessible and near listens to those who it.


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Doors are an essential element in home decor or office. Profoundly mistaken to pick the door, based only on their price, it is also important to pay attention to: type of interior doors, material from which manufactured interior doors, fittings used, environmentally friendly materials, etc. In this article we will talk a little about the color of the door and its combination with the interior of the house. Doors and white colors In heraldry white is widely used as a symbol. White – an attribute of supreme beauty. Scaife new york has compatible beliefs. What could be more beautiful white clouds, chrysanthemum, jasmine, cherry blossoms, white swans? Interior doors can also be white color – most importantly, to harmonize with the overall tone of the room. Doors that color look great in a large and spacious rooms, which are used for finishing the minimum number of decorative details. In this case, internal doors and fit perfectly into the classic interior, and a more avant-garde solutions.

Recall that the classic style provides regular, light, radiating peace and confidently. The interior of the classical style is not overloaded with details, which "strikes the eye, filled with modest dignity. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for a more varied view. Interior doors of classic style is characteristic of a harmonious and symmetrical general composition. They are characterized by clear and straight lines. Doors and white colors create a feeling of spaciousness, ease and freedom. Interestingly, the bright interior doors visually extend the space and, if room is small, the use of such doors can visually expand the space. Another feature of the light interior doors is that they are best kept in premises which have the same semantic center, have a major detail of the interior.

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During the course of the story development in various ways to obtain resources and services has allowed the invention of such common procedures such as leasing, which has greatly helped promote to people that do not have resources to obtain an object or a well, or simply people who want to hire, certainly to call it somehow, a service for a certain time. Rent or leasing is a contract where two parties (landlord and tenant) are placed agrees to provide to the tenant the option to enjoy a good material for a certain time, in exchange for providing a specific amount of money to the landlord. It is good to mention the payment of the property can be made completely in a single payment, or simply you can cancel this debt by quotas determined periodically. An important point to highlight is the nature of the contract, which must be performed with all of the law, since accessing a renting a lot of commitments which if not met fully the tenant you can see exposed certain fines stipulated therein, are acquired that only it will be paid if the contract is legal. Among the commitments acquired with the renting will find some as: return the leased immovable in perfect condition. Dutifully pay previously stipulated fees. Make the necessary repairs in the event of damage caused. Payment of the rent shall be in an agreed place. If you are not convinced, visit Western Union.

The repairs and damage costs are borne entirely by you lessee. You can only use material good purposes previously stipulated in the contract. Breach of any clause the tenant shall pay the fine previously stipulated in the contract. Although there are many more commitments to the renting these are what have the utmost importance. Nowadays thanks to the large number of items that are rented, the leasing began to specialize in various applications, among the most common found some as: services leasing: the lending of services by the lessor where the lessee must pay for these services is based economically.

The termination of this contract is made for breach of one of the two parties or by death. Renting of things: it is based on offer to the lessee the enjoyment of a good material or property by a certain time previously stipulated in the contract, provided that this contributes this rental service by payment of an amount determined periodically. Renting of works or constructions: in this agreement the lessee undertakes before the lessor to construct a material asset at a given time, where, at the end of work lies the price of this time by the value of the constructed asset. More info: technology at millennium. In conclusion, the creation of leasing has greatly benefited persons, because thanks to this the option of obtaining materials or immovable goods by certain time has been clearly favored. Not to mention that at the same time, this activity is the fundamental piece of a without of activities much more specific such as (leasing) among others. Original author and source of the article

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