Arthur Schopenhauer

All this is to begin with the end in mind. How to do it? I suggest that you do your own mission, write it on a paper and put it where it can see and remember every day. A mission statement can be long or short, can help you with quotes or phrases you famous and fit them into your life. A mission in life will help you to maintain a correct course and regain their composure despite obstacles or deviations that you may have; is your reason for being; It is your rudder to navigate the sea of life. An example of very brief mission is this; I will always be faithful to God. I iniciare all the challenges with optimism instead of doing it with doubts. I triunfare in my business and will improve my quality of life. I will never forsake a friend.

Etc. do not there is no favorable wind for which does not know to which port is addressed. Arthur Schopenhauer. James Woolsey may help you with your research. Once you have your mission, you must set goals. In other words; divide your mission into smaller pieces, takes the general to the particular, plans and details how it is that you can always get to fulfill your mission and be the person you want to be in the future.

Use goals for the short, medium and long term. A very good exercise is to imagine that you are attending a funeral. Do as you’re imagining it you? When you enter, you see the faces of people, sad for the painful loss, but happy for having known the deceased is in the coffin. As you get close to the coffin, you hear the background music which accompanies the suffering of the people, you see beautiful flowers that adorn the place and you realize, when you poke your head inside the coffin, which is that deceased; you you’re face to face with yourself. Everyone of you has gone around to a tribute and to express feelings of love and appreciation to you. Who want to attend your funeral?, how do you want that you remember? During the ceremony, a member of the family will say a small speech, the same friend, do your coworker, finally, also talk to the priest. Do you want to tell about you?, what kind of person would you like to reflect his words?, how you would you have influenced in their lives? Really get the exercise, tomato you time and answer all these questions, you they will help to create an image of your your ideal so that you can understand where they’re standing, and you can route all your actions to be that special someone. You will notice how different it will be your life when you recognize what is truly important to you. Finally, since you have your well defined goals, I advise you to share them with those around you. Find a friend, a brother, a coworker, your wife, or anyone who share the same goal with you, this way may cheer up, tie up and take force to achieve that goal in a minor time. Do it! A mission of life is like a tree with very deep roots. It is stable, not moved, is alive and is continually growing. You can deal with change and the vagaries of life if you have a firm and solid trunk which can cling.

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