Auditory Nerves

This is a very common, but completely mistaken belief. They say that when a person perceives a beep or whistle into your ears, this corresponds to the death of the hearing cells responsible for hearing from that frequency in particular, and that this frequency will no longer be never hear more. The reality is that neurological mechanisms or intimate biomechanical’s ear that produce these beeps not be have unveiled completely to the medical world, although there has been progress in the investigation of this topic. What Yes can ensure is that the first assertion, drawn from popular knowledge, is completely false. It is true that in many cases when someone (the same for the left) right ear pita, this can be an indicator that this person is suffering from a progressive hearing loss that, in the most extreme cases, may end in anacusia or total deafness. It is also true that the right ear (Tinnitus) is associated in other cases when you pita closely with presbycusis, which is a pathology of the ear that consists of the gradual and slow hearing loss starting higher towards the lowest frequencies as the condition progresses. But despite this, there is no any relationship between the frequencies that are lost with the perceived frequency of tinnitus.

This type of misinformation or fallacies tend to be quite harmful especially in regard to health, since many times a person can leave unattended one of these signals sent by the body due to its misinterpretation. In conclusion and though it may be obvious, we can say that with regard to our body, unique explanations or indications which we must address are those of our doctor. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 News