Bertrand Brazil

20 the 27 Some clear and distinct ideas of the corporal things seem to have been bred in the proper citizen: substance, duration, number On the other hand, extension, figure, situation, movement of place, are not formal in the citizen, therefore this is only some thing that thinks; they are substance ways, but being he himself substance, them they can be contained in it. God: infinite, perpetual, invariant, independent substance, onisciente, onipotente, by which, all the existing things had been created and produced; It exists for the fact of, if it can the citizen have idea of this infinite being, being finite, the idea has that to have been placed in it for some really infinite substance. He has more reality in infinite substance of what in the finite, thus, they have it before notion of God exactly of the notion of itself. For more information see this site: Nordstrom. The idea of God is true same who does not represent nothing of Real; everything that the spirit conceives clear and distinct is contained and locked up in this idea. In note: the infinite without understanding can be known, but the knowledge of this incompreensibilidade grants it a knowledge true and entire of the infinite, even so it has only one partial knowledge of what it contains.

28 the 42 the attributed perfection the God can be in power in the proper citizen, from there to be able to have some idea of it: its knowledge increases little by little, but this increase never goes to be able to arrive at the infinite, to the perfection of God. The idea of one to be perfect has that to have been placed in it for a being that really is more perfect than it. Investigating if it can exist without a God: if he was author of its proper one to be would not have reasons to doubt you are welcome, would be perfect the proper God. He has a constant change in people, in data isolated moments of the life it will not be the same person necessarily; these moments are, of certain form, independent ones of the others, then, to have a conservation of the person, something of essential in it, he is necessary God. For the conservation of the substance it is necessary the same to be able of action to create it. This power if existed in the citizen, would have it to be able to think it and to know it, but this does not have any feeling to have in it such power, then, it depends on something different of it.


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