Biggest Defaulters

The Government has stated that the Administration will pay for 30 days and not like they are doing now, which is delayed because of the biggest defaulters. Now tell me, and, in a time when the Treasury did not stay in their coffers than cobwebs and self-employed entrepreneurs continue anticipating the State VAT has not yet cashed. And what I shoot, brunette. It is one thing that is quite another to legislate what happens in a reality filled with accounting devices. For example, with that additional public investment of 17,000 million promised by Jose Blanco and not counted in the state budget until 2013, so that gives time to drop in three years of runaway debt by Rodriguez Zapatero promised to EU. Thanks to advances by private companies to invest money, it masks the rising deficit.

The same thing is done with the existence of these 5000 public authorities towards the state, autonomous regions and municipalities centrifuged many of their debts so they do not appear in the accounts of these institutions. Such a practice, but way, is what Greece has done that has led him to the brink of bankruptcy. I do not mean here we are at that level, God forbid. But when you see your neighbor’s beard peel, … you know. In the midst of this economic slump will also find the Spanish city, with a debt of 740 euros for a neighbor, are not exactly an exception to the rule. Now therefore, in the financial collapse, it deplores the lack of foresight and the lassitude of old municipal builders were enriched at their expense. Now, with the decline of civic works and social benefits and delayed payments to creditors, you’ll discover some public embarrassments but they were there, hidden by the apparent calm of the past, will be shown in all its cruel evidence.


Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 News