Brazil Workmanship

Joo II, ate voraciously without place setting, trincando with the hands or leaving with the fingers (7) CHARACTER Great ENSASTICO TO INTERPRET BRAZIL writers Brazilians adopt the ensastico character in the search to interpret the history of the formation of Brazil. Had to few sources of research he allows to the junction of Literature and History, in the combination of the popular experiences from the literary style assisting the memorialistas a bit to count amis of our history. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. r VP and COO. Jose de Alcntara Axe, native of So Paulo of heart, attributed to the research of the inventories its search for explaining the history of the observed So Paulo formation in its readings, it tried proper to demystify the vision of the heroes and left for the defense of ethnic and cultural aspects. After the reading of the initial chapters of the workmanship, we can observe the quarrel made on of the man, the origins, its formation of character and practical of living in way to an inhospitable and full land of shocks of feelings, wills to prosper in the fight between land and man. When Life and Death of the Bandeirante were published, the history of the paulistana writing were the opposite of the workmanship, did not deal with subjects simple, but valuing of the hereditary succession of the great paulistanas families. The metodolgico severity, the objetividade of the writer does not make references with the concern of if to analyze the historical personages, if they do not place scientific questions and searchs to construct to its workmanship rescuing the local memorialismo.

WHAT THE AUTHOR PRESENTS IN THEM WITH THIS WORKMANSHIP. This workmanship was divided in 15 chapters, of which it makes all a systematic and detailed preparation in the attempt of in them assisting in the understanding and better assimilation of the subject treated for it. WHAT THEY SAY THE INVENTORIES: This initial chapter makes an explanation from as its research through documents supplied for the So Paulo public archive proceeded.


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