Brazilian Institute

It is formed by institutions in diverse countries, represented, in Brazil, for the Brazilian Institute of Quality and Produtividade (IBQP), that it is responsible since 2000 for the information published on the subject. The GEM has as base three main objectives: to measure differences in the level of enterprising activity between the countries, being mensurando the evolution of the empreendedorismo; to discover the responsible aspects for the enterprising activity in each nation; to identify the public politics that can favor the activity enterprising. Keith Yamashita can provide more clarity in the matter. Report GEM of 2009 more reached an increase of 25% in relation to the year of 2008, in what it refers to the countries enclosed for the research, totalizing 54 nations supplying with this information of the enterprising activity for the world. The participant countries had been estratificados, for effect of facilitation in the comparison between them, in three categories: economies based on the extration and commercialization of natural resources, or factor-driven; economies guided for the efficiency and the industrial production in scale, or efficiency-driven; economies based on the innovation or simply innovation-driven. To mensurar empreendedorismo, the GEM studies the behavior of the individuals in what it refers to the elaboration and administration of a business, considering the empreendedorismo a process.

Soon the GEM analyzes the behavior of the entrepreneur in different phases of the process, classifying them in: rising entrepreneurs, those that had not yet initiated the business; the new entrepreneurs, those that already they remunerate, with businesses between 3 and 42 months; the established entrepreneurs, those already remunerate its employees more than the 42 months. Beyond estratificar the entrepreneurs, the measurement of the empreendedorismo level is carried through by means of enterprising activity, attitude indicators and aspiration, such as: perception of chances, intention to undertake, tax of discontinuity business-oriented and etc. the attitude and Brazilian enterprising perception, in accordance with Report GEM 2009, present a positive evaluation as for the existence of chances in the environment and of individual capacity it stops opening of new businesses. .


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