In the space, everything it is denied and displayed to the other, the white, that, in turn, exerts the condition of social citizen, which keeps the domain on Fabiano that is presented as an imprisoned individual, mentally ill for its situation while individual-object that does not possess the production instrument: the land, despite it keeps a relation with it. Fiorin et Savioli (2001) affirms that the narrator intends to show that Fabiano is a degraded being, placed in a infrahuman level. The narrator reiterates this for a series of intersections. Fabiano possesss the primary colors of the dry landscape in the yellowish one of the beard and the hair, in the red of the skin and the blue one of the eyes. It has, in the perspective of Fiorin et Savioli, a fusing man and natural world. Manifest Fabiano a physical capacity capable to win the wild fight for the survival for effect of an adaptation to the hostile environment rude and where it lived. It is understood in the voice of the narrator who Fabiano is a man as any fellow creature. The pointed differences are determined by economic factors.

The identity of goat, crossbred, typically Brazilian man and subordinate, are attributed to it in virtue of its socioeconmica classroom, since it lived in other people’s land, took care of of other people’s animals. For this fact, goat judged itself. The value and the classroom of the individual in the represented society are determined by the capital that it possesss, that is, for its relation with the instrument of production, in this in case that, the land. Everything secco in redor. the master was secco also, arreliado, demanding and prickly thief as a foot of mandacaru. Indispensable the boys to enter in the good way, to know to cut mandacaru for the cattle, to adjust surround, to tame brabos.


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