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Renew or die; on the internet also it combine being with be and offer what your customers want to know. 4Moms shines more light on the discussion. And it is for that reason that new lines of business in the tourism sector and not only online companies are necessary, but in addition, they are very useful and serve to survive. The company tourist, by the high rate of seasonality of the sector, they focus their work during the summer, just 5 months, being the rest of the year only punctuated by small seasons such as Easter, Christmas or fairs. One of these companies is that we present today: Southern Andalusia. Few days ago, its director was put in contact with us to ask us our opinion about its new line of business. Tourist apartments throughout the year with so much stock of properties during the summer, most remain uninhabited during the winter, with the consequent cost in maintenance for owners. The Fort’s southern Andalusia are apartments in Conil, Cadiz locality has an abundant and generous offer in terms of season or short stay apartments. But these apartments are uninhabited, as we have said, during the winter.

This website intends to leverage its fantastic positioning in search engines to be able to rent accommodation for long stay in Cadiz. For this purpose have negotiated prices with customers a lot tighter and have required their tenants that they avail themselves to a monthly lease, so it as well, owner and company are ensured the peak of high profitability that occurs in the summer season. Open to new provinces in addition, in view of this opening to new markets, southern Andalusia opens another new line, approaching to markets which, until now, was not covered. Thus, southern Andalusia has opened new lines of business with their rent in Huelva, Malaga and Almeria and, what you mentioned, its director got in touch with us to see what is what seemed to us. Obviously, internet companies have to keep working, reinventing itself in everything time, since increasingly lies with greater competition on large dinosaurs who want their piece of the online pie. Outside the large, as muchoviaje, heading and the like, are small companies like these, with low costs in infrastructure, but a great human work in content creation and dealing with customers, which they gradually enlarge its market, especially in the mouth, so fundamental in the world of social networks. We wish all our good omens to Juan and his company, which was able to see a little more beyond its range of action, so begin the great. Incidentally, if I have to choose, I prefer his section of apartments in Canos de Meca.

Friday, July 14th, 2017 News