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tierschutzbilder.de in the revised design with current image material from online photos and images around the issue of animal rights and animal welfare are journalists, editors, reporters and photojournalists on the redesigned Web site of the German animal protection Office. With blunt images, the German welfare office here reflects the reality of the industrialized farming and addressed other problem cases in Germany, including private livestock. Photos and image galleries to the issue of animal rights and animal welfare in General, as well as many individual databases, including on the topics of animal hoarding, poultry, Turkey fattening, pig, piglet castration, cattle for fattening, circus animals, exotic exchanges, plug mast, egg industry, animal testing, fur farming, hunting, animal, slaughterhouse or bird flu can be found on the page. Photo journalists and animal protection organizations looking for relevant images and photographs will be found in our archive. Animal welfare is one of the Central Topics of current public discussion, many media formats are already equipped with our images. Animal rights not least trapped in the wake of the intensified controversy over the discovery of unnecessary animal experiments in the focus of media and consumer protection agencies. With our pictures, we uncover the truth behind the facades of the animal factories has often with colorful advertising pictures and move the issue of animal rights and animal welfare at the Centre of public and media interest.

The German animal protection Office published with. Images and photographs, which relentlessly uncover the grisly daily routine behind the doors and gates of pole plants, fur farm and slaughterhouses. Also, we could cast glances behind the otherwise closed doors of animal laboratories and create startling images. The offer of our comprehensive archives is aimed at journalists and press agencies in search of compelling imagery. Pictures and photos on the subject of animal rights are now available for all Image journalists, photo editors and other media professionals also of course interested in available animal protection associations, associations, and organisations under the newly designed Internet presence of the German animal protection Office. Are you looking for updates and authentic photo and image material around on mass – and animal husbandry, Zoo, circus, animal testing, fur farm, shafts and other topics? Then you are exactly right with the German animal protection Office. Our range extends from materials for individuals and small associations and services for media representatives and large animal welfare and consumer protection organizations. The media work to educate consumers in cooperation with various organizations, clubs and associations among our priorities and core competencies.

For a picture to all relevant to the issue of animal rights and animal welfare areas of interest on our site. Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862).


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