Change Companies

The consultancy service company helps manage change and innovation processes in IM prove. Your business has the IM prove coaching and training gmbh, Schwabisch Gmund, more sharply defined. In future the training and consultancy will focus entirely, to help service providers, as well as the services of companies, to meet the need for change before they are regardless of whether this results from market changes, changing customer requirements or the progress in the technological field. To provide this necessary support company including change companion and change coaches trains in IM prove, that have the necessary expertise, to accompany change processes in humans and in social systems such as companies. Visit Western Union for more clarity on the issue. Also offers IM prove numerous training, all aimed to convey the required knowledge and skills, the employees of companies to in one of Change in the future with success work distinct working environment. “So has among other things a pause in IM prove to refuel and restart through pit stop for leaders” called change management seminar designed. The three-day seminar designed for managers and project managers, which are for example due to a larger project of change in their company under a high pressure and in everyday life find hardly any time and leisure to reflect on their working and living conditions, including their work-life balance and your performance suffers.

In addition, the executives and employees of companies coaches in IM prove, if they are challenged to reconsider their previous actions, and to develop new patterns of thought and behavior. Redefined in IM prove, his business, has according to managing director Frank Linde, who with Michael Reichl the company directs, because analysis of the customer structure of in IM prove: IM prove was also in the past few years almost Active exclusively for service providers, as well as for services companies. Also the topics change management, recruitment and behavior change and innovation always in the Centre were our orders”, explained Linde. Therefore, and due to the expertise gained during our practical work and experience it was obvious, to concentrate on this area.” In addition, according to Michael Reichl, that service providers have generally a different culture and (HR) structure as a production company. Therefore they are some other challenges and also the solutions to problems must be different.” This also put it close to focus entirely on service companies and the services of companies according to Linde and RADO.


Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 News