CPI Books

They caught if it, they would install a CPI, and the result would be a great one? pizza? , which in the end would not result in nothing, as it always happens. In addition, my friend philosopher would eat? pizza? , thus deciding its total problem. As one read my thoughts, suddenly it asked: — That books leads there, under of the arm? It looked at the headings and, suddenly, being serious, spoke: — Ah! This I already read here, and this here also. You know, I you read very. I know the whole world authors. Making a pause, it read the heading of the third book and exclamou: — Epa! This I did not know here. Who is this author? I was satisfied, therefore finally it had I catch that presumptuous dog in that it not wise person. — It already wrote some books.

Moreover, he is a santanense writer. He knows of this. It looked at me for a few seconds, and shaking the ears he commented: — Well, you know, one you have dictated popular one that she says: ‘ ‘ Saint of house does not make milagre’ ‘ , right? In the library of my owner alone it has foreign authors. That I do not have something against them, therefore literature is universal, but I was looking at for thoughtful it. It would not be the reason there to a large extent for which these things in our country happened? It would be the reason there by which many important workmanships are left of side, while they are champion of sales ‘ ‘ Best-sellers’ ‘ that they count the life of famous artists, which tell the unscrupulous way as they had lived; of loving and some husbands who had had and decorated with beautiful pairs of cornos; of biographies and malicious gossips of all species; of books that count the life of considered people famous, and that the fools with water in the mouth of as much envy leave, etc. Now it understood why that dog was really a philosopher.


Monday, October 2nd, 2017 News