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What will protect the hull, CTP, "Green Card" Since March this year, an inspector will require that the "young" drivers, whose experience is not preyshaet 2 years, stuck on the rear window of their cars special character "for student the wheel. " This innovation, in their opinion, could reduce the accident rate on roads. In fact, the road is often unpredictable and can happen anything. Therefore, at this auto insurance market – one of the the most developed. CTP – compulsory insurance of civil liability.

Avtograzhdanki – this is something without which the road in principle forbidden to travel. After all, as the government forces, without exception, all owners Car buying such policies, the CTP and the rates are regulated by the government. Significant difference between the insurance company is not: the price of all the same, and choosing an insurer, is to rely on personal experience, the experience of friends or on the opinions of experts who will help you figure out a long list of those companies. However, competition in the insurance market, insurers are in a variety of tricks: they can not make too huge discounts on policies, but they may offer you additional services. For example, a free emergency Departure Commissioner at the accident scene. (Some insurance brokers offer this service as another collection of documents). Various additional Services mozhug However, this method currently cheaper policy by CTP, a ride without crashing! According to the "avtograzhdanki" currently operates common to all insurance companies Discount system with a funny name "bonus-malus". Than more years do you go without crashing, so accordingly you have to pay less for the policy next year. By the way, from March 1, motorists are not insured bydutoraschatsya for the insurance company accident culprit as it was before, and in their own. It should also remind you that CTP does not offset the cost of repairing your car if an accident happens on your own fault.


Monday, February 5th, 2018 News