Always carry an Agenda for aiming all your contacts and data companies that sent you, because if anotas not you post everything carefully, armaras some time after a mess which you should avoid. 2. Send your request directly in companies also look for a work addressing you directly to businesses if they need staff for your profile.Before anything, it produces a listing of all companies to which you will go. This is a method in which you can select the companies that like to work. Today, you have many means at your disposal to draw up a list of the companies of the sector or the branch where you wish to work. More info: Western Union. You can read information from companies that are installed by your area, that opened new offices or launch new products.

This will find you in specialized journals in economics and, sometimes, in the General press. The big companies have all a web page in which report all their activities. Many times, they even have a subpage that says works with us, which greatly facilitates the process, because there usually come from jobs that offered up the name of the person to which you should send your CV. You can also find listings of companies in yearbooks, guides and directories, also on the Internet, and up in the yellow pages. When you have the complete list, try to find out the name of the person responsible for selecting personnel; You can phone the company to ask it. That person sends the envelope and always put your name on the cover letter, don’t start saying the typical phrase dear Sir, which already demonstrates that you have any interest in that company and you’ve bothered to find out his name.

Once completed the list of companies, all send a letter with your resume and your cover letter. In the Curriculum will be all your personal information, training, and experience. The letter explains the reasons why you choose that company, you expect from them and can offer them. It is important to make sure that the person that you dirigias has received your letter. Past few days can call it by phone to ask it and provide any other information you need. You should also try to get a personal interview. 3 From mediation companies companies mediators can be resources consultants Humans, temporary employment agencies or employment agencies. Choose which believe that you can better respond to your expectations, which are closer to your home or the specialized in the sector in which you are looking for work. These companies of selection will make you a tab and an interview, and will be included in its database. They will send you directly your tab to the companies requesting personnel with your profile: personal data, training and experience. If any company is interested in your profile, you will be notified to continue the selection process.

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