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The benefits of flower pots made of fiberglass in comparison to metal vessels (EastWest-trading) the selection of planters and flower tubs is now huge. New materials coming onto the market, and not infrequently the garden lover wonders: what flower pots are best suited for me? It’s zinc, fibre glass, Terra cotta or stainless steel? In direct comparison, planters made of fiberglass have significant advantages over the flower pots made of metal. For example zinc, The risk is great that zinc bucket rust after a certain time. If you have bad luck, must renew its ground after a few months or replace rust stains from the zinc can not be removed. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. Another drawback: The thin zinc Tin dented easily and may form a patina on the surface. Similarly, with flower pots made of stainless steel: these are indeed high-quality, but as soon as the sun shines intensive care, the soil in the planter will suffer, the roots.

Fiberglass proved an excellent alternative to metal buckets. The benefits are obvious, because planters made of fiberglass are directly plants and of course will not rust. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Israel Englander. The optics of the planter is also overall lively, not to mention, if granite stones have been incorporated. Since the raw material is epoxy resin, the planters heat not strong however are extremely weather-proof the Flowerpot. And another thing: A decisive advantage lies in the weight, fiber glass pots are surprisingly light despite the robustness. We therefore rely on flower pots and planters from EastWest trading your plants get in shape (all models under). EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and accessories. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers.

Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our Customer: the goods are hand-picked and available at the best price. You will find many products exclusively at EastWest trading.

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Saturday, August 19th, 2023 News