Customers and Clients

All this can be considered for more specific examples. Problem number 1. "Loyal customer" Need: Companies need to constantly and methodically "remind yourself," the range of its services to large number of potential consumers is not limited. The very importantly – the clients of this firm is not strictly defined social orientation, that is, for her interest to almost everything: from the seller in a stall to the director of the company, because each of them there is a suitable product. This category includes banks, insurance companies, manufacturers of windows and door, mobile operators, ISPs, and many others. Solution: These companies should not "get stuck" in the central part of town.

The most optimal in this case – cover a large territory. The main thing here – to focus on the most active lines in each area. Specialists advertising agency along with the company-customer chooses some of the most suitable places, and the company itself decides – what district here is the most interesting and strategically important. Forms of "outdoor advertising" is absolutely fit all – stretching, billboards and so-called light-posters or city-formats, you need only figure out what and where will work best. Result: The effect does not take long, since large-scale and sustained advertising campaigns always and in any format is very effective. For example, in our case, quite simply solved the problem of "annoyance" (after all, your advertisement washes become familiar and it is not good): advertising media should and will be constantly changing. For example, if the Bank is promoting several of its products – mortgages, deposits, loans – is advertising for each of them first located in different parts of the city, and two to four weeks banners or shields are simply reversed.


Sunday, June 19th, 2011 News