Doubtless assistants in the processing of land in your garden plot are cultivators. Their main task is shallow (up to 20 cm) tillage, loosening it, harrowing. Cultivators are aggregates up to 4 hp, weighing not more than 70 kg. This technique – for the suburban garden, small garden plots, in general, to handle the ‘clearing’ of about 10 hectare. Cultivator – help, not so much a farmer, and summer residents, and whose demand. Cultivators – specialized, ‘single-purpose’ in the idea of his car. But now in ‘the pursuit of consumers’ cultivator manufacturers offer a wide range of attachments for cultivators, driven by an additional pulley. We claim that your mechanical helper, tiller, will solve the problem hilling and weeding flower beds, or replace mower pump it out the water, even pull a trailer (which have the same change in the mill-wheel drive) or a plow.

But we should not strive for universality of the tractor cultivator. Apart from the fact that the bulk gear housing that protects the ‘spinal cord’ tillers – gear, does not allow bury mills tiller to a depth of more than 20-23 cm, belt drive is not designed to overload. Therefore, the tiller is suitable for you if you want a quick ‘flip’ the soil for potatoes. If you need universal helper in the garden, pay attention to walk-behind tractor. Motoblock – garden machine, range from 5 to 9 hp, up to 100 kg. Supplied as a rule, professional engines, ‘eat’ petrol or diesel. Tillers are PTO as a tractor. PTO can be hung on a different drive with attachments – rotary snow thrower, and even the mower sprayer. Despite the convenience of a rear speed and deployable handles work with power tillers hard enough.


Saturday, August 24th, 2019 News