Electricity Prices In Germany Extremely High

Households pay an above-average lot Berlin, July 2, 2010. German electricity customers pay much for current above-average in comparison to Europe. This results in a current study of the statistical agency Eurostat. Thus, the Germans paid 2009 14.2 percent more than the European average. Power in Germany has therefore become even more expensive: In the previous year, households paid about 10 percent more than in the rest of Europe. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeff Gennette on most websites.

There are only a few, in which electricity for households is still more expensive than in Germany between the Member States of the European Union (EU). Only in the Benelux countries as well as in Ireland and Malta for a kilowatt hour must be paid. In all other European countries, the energy from the power socket is actually better to have. In the current year, this trend will apparently continue: according to calculations of the comparison portal top rate already 20 million German households have received an electricity price increase this year. And supplying the energy group RWE: August 01, 2010 the RWE Power prices in primary care to an average of 7.3 percent rise. More than 400 energy utilities have already increased their prices this year. While in countries like Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary and Norway the prices for electricity customers have even fallen, Germany moved on in the high price segment. The evolution of electricity prices will continue”, FlexStrom Board Member Martin Rothe fears.

Only when the consumer may reflect on their market power, anything can change at all.” For the most current customers receive your power still by the basic supplier and pay it more than necessary. This shows a sample calculation: A family in Essen with 4,500 kWh annual consumption can save when she classic private from the basic supply tariff RWE to the prepaid service DeutschlandsBest of FlexStrom, for example, more than 340 euro. The family opts for the current package of 4500 family with minimum consumption, she can save even more. While not yet considered announced RWE – Power price increase to August 1st.

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