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Maquiavel defended a unitary State, an established absolute State in the centered power and the terror, therefore ' ' The men have little escrpulo to offend that he becomes to love of what who if makes temer' '. Maquiavel led in consideration nature human being and the reality accomplishes, saying that we must study the things as they are and must observe what if she can and it is necessary to make, what it would not be certain to make, therefore who to want to be good between the bad ones, is ruined. (Relation between politics and moral). CONCEPTION OF STATE IN THOMAS HOBBES (1588-1679) English Philosopher the theory of Estado and Hobbes: – when the men live in natural state, as animal, them if ones against the others for the desire of being able, wealth and properties plays. It is the impulse to the bourgeois private property that if develops in England, where appears the conception of that the man is the wolf of the proper man (homo homini lupus). Therefore, according to Hobbes, a CONTRACT to constitute the State is necessary that hinders unchaining of the egoism and the mutual destruction.

' ' contrato' ' praised for Hobbes it creates an absolute State, of mercantile nature, destined to assure the bourgeois social relations and a more comfortable life. Hobbes defended one ' ' pact social' ' to allow the life in society, as form to surpass the human egoism; this, the pact, had to be imposed for the force, an absolute State that the power concentrated all. The relations between the people are mercantile relations and if they give through contracts of purchase and sales, transference of properties, etc. Of this form, launches the bases of the modern theory of the state, describing the sprouting of the liberal State, the formation of the market and the inaqualities that produce (the competition and the competition are factors of concentration of wealth and social exclusion).


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