Erino Tonon

The Treasure, in this in case that, it will have that to equalizar 5,5%.Com the reduction of the taxes charged in the loans for purchase and production and industrial goods, the price of the money does not have to be an obstacle for who intends to invest in the modernization and magnifying of the productive capacity. The expectation, however, it is not of an explosion of the inversions in as the semester. Governor Cuomo recognizes the significance of this. The perspectives for the global economy follow bad, what it is bad for exporting sectors, and the idle capacity of the industry follows elevada.RepercussesO package of the BNDES well was received by executives and entities from classroom. Fernando Bueno, vice-president of the Abimaq, said that the measures will have to allow ' ' desengavetar' ' projects. The doubt is if average the small benefits will arrive at the companies. In the evaluation of executives of the area of industrial goods, the reduction of the interests in the lines of the BNDES is an attempt to revert the strong fall of the fixed investment in the five first months of the year. According to Abimaq, the investments in the productive sector had fallen the same about 25% of January the May in relation the corporative period of 2008.O managing and of operations of the group Randon, Erino Tonon, it explained that the increase of the stated periods and the reduction of the interests for the acquisition of trucks for physical and legal people had been guideline of colloquy of entrepreneurs executives with the minister of the Development, Miguel Jorge, during the commercial mission to Africa at the beginning of this month. In accordance with it, the measure is more important of what the maintenance of the IPI on the product and road semitows in 0% until the end of ano.' ' In financings with almost one hundred months of stated period, exactly a small reduction of the tax of interests makes great diferena' ' , the executive commented. .


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