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Are these products really advance my fortune or increase only the profit of my Bank? “Maybe you know this: are in a consultation at your Bank and have the impression, will not advise you, but it only comes to sell products to you and ask yourself: these products are really advance my fortune or increase only my Bank profits?” It is more and more private investors. 60% of all customers are not satisfied with the services of their bank because they can no longer trust the offerings of their advisor. (Source: Forrester Research) I question but also don’t think Barber, whether I need a haircut! If the financial crisis has shown us one, then is it that existed only quality has. And only a broker can be found who is personally liable for his error real independence. For irresponsible contractors who accept no liability, it would have water and bread be – and in the afternoon the whip “Jonas R. Siepenkotter co-founder and President of Jonas Ark group.” The story of Jonas Ark investment is as unique as your services today helping people all over the world, to achieve their goals, and thus to increase their quality of life. Started with the common vision of forward-looking investment professionals Rainer kokoma happiness and to start a business, the financial mentor and marketing genius Jonas R. Siepenkoetter the world the path to success has financial advisors, an approach masgebend could change the financial industry..

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Monday, April 7th, 2014 News