Goldman Sachs

Jikun Huang of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, “The potential for prices to rise, increase in the future, because you can not always use reserves grains. “China reserves will be exhausted in a few months, particularly when agricultural producers decide, compared to those depressed domestic prices, find more profitable production. And in addition to greater restrictions in world exports would generate an explosive cocktail when world knows that China is going to participate actively in the global grain purchase. Against this scenario, it is interesting position in the ETF PowerShares DB Agricultural Fund (AMEX: DBA), an ETF launched early last year by Deutsche Bank which operates in the U.S., and follows an index composed of bank contracts wheat futures, corn, soybeans and sugar. *** With so many gurus, investment banks, even the Minister of Energy of Iran, “Iran:” Oil at $ 200?, USA Today: record price for a gallon of gasoline, “forecasting a global meltdown, ie barrel oil reaching U.S. $ 200, is there still room for a drop of commodity prices in this scenario? Arjun N. Murti, the Goldman Sachs strategist (NYSE: GS) predicted a few years ago that the price of oil would soar to $ 100. Many laughed.

Today believes that by 2011 oil will over $ 100. More precisely, the barrel would go to $ 200 and a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. to more than $ 6, in two years. Others believe that oil will fall if investors start selling their positions in oil.


Thursday, October 28th, 2010 News