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The Turnaround is a chord progression that is commonly used in the last two bars of a topic and he intends to restore the harmony of the chord I of tonality. There is a great variety and different ways of playing the turnaround, one of the most common and important progressions is as follows: I VIm IIm V7 that resulted in serious tonality of C major: Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 G7 now on the basis of this progression are going to make a couple of variants that give as a result a more interesting sound. To broaden your perception, visit Andrew Cuomo. Example 1 change of the quality and the addition of some tension. Cmaj7 A7 #5 D9 G13 as you can observe in this variation change chords minors by dominant chords, which gives us the opportunity to first have different colors Harmonically speaking and also gives us the option of playing other scales in order to develop an improvisation more rich in terms of musical language. Example 2 substitution by tritones. Cmaj7 Eb9 Ab13 Db9 in this variant, we are changing the chords dominant by other dominant chords which are within distance of a tritone (three whole tones). For example: A7 distance of 3 tones = Eb7 D7 distance of 3 tones = BB7 G7 distance of 3 tones = these Db7 dominant chords are interchangeable since they share the same tritone.

These are some variants that you can use to enrich your way of playing chords, many variants exist more, so it is important that you’re always experimenting and searching for new ways to play the chord progressions, of course take you to develop a harmonic language much more broad. Another important point that you can experiment with these two variants of the turnaround is the use of investments, different colors and sounds that you can get surprised. Remember to properly select the chords you must have always in mind the melody. Ensure that the notes of the melody are notes corresponding to scales where are born the chords you are going to use. If you repeat one and again in your head I want to learn to play guitar practice these chords for guitar than electric you take to play better.

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