History The need to build a third airport in Tuxtla Gutierrez area increased significantly in the early 90’s because the two existing airports not fully resolve the needs of commercial air traffic for the city. To beginning of this century the construction project was taking shape and on 27 June 2006, the new airport was inaugurated Angel Albino Corzo. The piece was the result of an investment of 825 million pesos (72.2 million), of which 49 was 51 federal funds and state. As a result of the implementation of this airport, the air base known as No. 6 Teran Francisco Sarabia Airport, returned to his role as a military airbase and Llano San Juan Airport completely closed its doors to commercial and civil aviation.During the opening ceremony, chaired by the then President of the Republic Vicente Fox Quesada and the State Governor Pablo Salazar Mendiguchia landing took place on the inaugural commercial flight on Aviacsa 6A-234 from Tapachula of a Boeing 737-201/Adv Registration: XA-TVL. The first takeoff was of the same aircraft bound for Mexico City. Although, since its inauguration is known as an international airport, was until July21, 2008 when officially won this category.The first landing of a non-commercial international flight took place on 7 September that same year receiving the Canadian football team who would face in a game against the Mexican national team at the Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna in Tuxtla Gutierrez. In February 2009, Aeromexico has announced the introduction, from July 3 daily flights from Mexico City to the airport, however, the airline decided in June to suspend the opening of flights indefinitely. The Mexicana Airlines has greatly expanded its operations at this airport since 2009.MexicanaClick chose Angel Albino Corzo Airport to debut its new fleet of Boeing 717’s on the road Tuxtla Gutierrez – Mexico City – Tuxtla Gutierrez from 1 April 2009. Additionally, in July MexicanaLink subsidiary launched two daily flights Oaxaca and Guadalajara in August it was announced that the backbone of Mexican resume the route to Mexico City with three flights a day from October and launched two daily flights to Merida. It is anticipated that in March 2010 to start direct service to Houston, Texas, operated by Continental Airlines, through its Continental Express subsidiary.

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