Integrated European Densified Biomass Fuels

Existing sawmill waste and waste the potential growth suggests the existence in Russia of the conditions under which can develop sufficiently large market for biofuels pressed in the creation of which involved Western experts, firms and investors are extremely valuable. The world community has appeared a number of specialized institutions (institutions, technical societies, clubs) support and promote best technology production and use of biofuels and fuel briquettes and pellets, in particular. They have recently been several international conferences and symposiums dedicated to fuel briquettes and pellets. To deepen your understanding Rob Daley is the source. Pan-European market created a network that will contain a database of producers of biofuels for long-term planning and timely services, and consumers. There is also at an advanced stage pan-European project of biofuels – INDEBIF (Integrated European Densified Biomass Fuels).

Currently, in Europe on the basis of the higher schools, research institutes and manufacturing enterprises are actively being sought and the development of production of new biofuels. In September 2002, Stockholm hosted the first World Conference on the use of fuel pellets. The Conference comprised several dozen scientific papers, most of which were devoted to the issue of production of biofuels from new compressed raw materials. In particular, it cited such alternative products as lingnotsellyuloznye granules, discussed the prospects biokarbonizirovannogo biofuels compared 'traditional' wood pellets and granules, half consisting of charcoal. Obviously, such research will continue on, with an increasing pace. Such conferences are held annually. Russia is still a country very rich in minerals and forest resources, chronically lags behind Europe on consumption and production of biofuels.

The use of wood as a whole for heating instead of coal and oil is becoming increasingly important in Russia. Thus, as one of the priorities in the field of alternative energy State Scientific-Technical Program of Russia 'Clean Energy' is considered a significant use of energy potential of woody biomass. The process of obtaining and upgraded wood fuel especially the drying and pressing entails considerable expenditure of energy, which leads to higher production.

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