Intuitive Feng Shui Design

Put aside all that you have read and know about Feng Shui and a vital first step that needs to be done for the successful perception of space power – to clear your mind. Try to forget everything that you have read and know about feng shui, let your brain does not cling to the many existing councils and opinions, as in practice, each case is unique and requires its own solutions. By doing this, you will be able to perceive the space of an open mind as to a clean slate. Start by analyzing each other's apartments Perhaps one of the most difficult test – it is an analysis of your own apartment. Here we are all too familiar with many objects and parts of the house is connected a baggage of memories. He will subconsciously affect the assessment of the premises and to make errors in their analysis.

In addition, we know that person can get used to the peculiarities of the environment after a certain time, our brain simply stops notice a number of stimuli. Therefore, we strongly suggest you start with the analysis of the apartments and ask your friends who are also interested in feng shui (or just knows how to create harmony in the house) to analyze your own apartment. For greater reliability, you can ask a few friends to make an analysis of your home, inviting them at different times and then compare their opinions. Only With experience, learning to look bespristrasno at things and understand the reasons for their feelings should be taken for the analysis of his apartment.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 News