Letters Of The Tarot The Tower

THE TOWER It represents the spirit against the catastrophe. On guard normal it means: abrupt and sudden change. Destruction. bankruptcy. Rupture of relations. Unexpected events. Adversity. Interruption.

Loss of money, love or affection. On guard invested it means: imminent danger of destruction. Smaller catastrophe. Conflict. (A valuable related resource: Israel Englander). Routine life. Continued pressure. The Tower hurt by the ray – Maison-Dieu call in the Tarot of Marseilles is the sixteenth arcane major of the Tarot: Two personages with blue hair, sleeves, aprons and trousers, whereas the rest of the body is dressed red, fall of a tower cleaved by the celestial ray with the hands tended towards a yellow ground and wave, on which six plants of three grow, four or five green leaves, therefore it imagines.

The rectangular tower is constructed in stone color meat; in their third superior two cleared windows are abren almost twice crowned by one third more discharge and located in the middle; these three windows, in which certain commentators have wanted to see the symbol of the Trinidad, they are blue and they are bordered of black. The last floor of the tower is finished with four yellow battlements, also bordered of black, and it inclines towards the left, on the verge of falling, separated of the own tower by the ray of yellow scrolls and red ends that a triumphant plume aspect has. Surrounded all of black, eleven blue balls, thirteen red and thirteen white they stand out on white bottom to each side of the tower and appear or The tower is the first building that appears in the series of laminae of the Tarot, but its color meat reveals the human character: the men fall of the tower, but they are not killed in the fall. The crown of the tower is solely separated of the base; it is not the construction same the one that is the condemned, is his excessive height, his defensive and pretentious crown; he is not the man who is condemned, is his pride. The ray is the divine manifestation forces that it to take brings back to consciousness, to return to find the measurement. , the Greeks said and Andr Virel writes: No it is Platen press, indeed, goddess of the wisdom and of the reason, who totally leaves Navy the head of Jupiter? The Tower hurt by the ray – Maison-Dieu call in the Tarot of Marseilles is the sixteenth arcane major of the Tarot: Original author and source of the article

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