Lewis Platt

In fact, success histories disclose that the best people want to work in the companies in which they can use deep its talent, they are dealt with respect and they feel with the values and the culture of the corporative environment engaged. On the basis of the displayed one above, evidences that the companies who had won thanks to its staff, first had defined its values, had determined the way for which these values would shape its organizations and the route that they would take, obtaining as soon as its strategies of business coincided with the values. In a question-answer forum Governor Cuomo was the first to reply. According to these same authors, Lewis Platt, former-president of the Hewlett-Parckard and Lary Bossidy, president of the Allied-signal, they agree that the values of the companies assume greater importance of what the business strategies, affirming therefore that the difference in the competition is in as making, that is, the execution if becomes most important, what takes in them to agree to studies on the survival of the companies, who this index is higher in the companies who emphasize and reward all duly the employees. In this context we can verify that, as the proper authors cite, some companies who are lined up with this form to manage present better indices of survival, for the fact all to emphasize the importance of its staff instead of only limiting the high management..


Tuesday, December 24th, 2019 News