Magnetic Locks As Eye-catcher

Christmas more beautiful: The most beautiful necklaces and chokers for Christmas more beautiful the most beautiful necklaces and chokers are even more beautiful at Christmas: with decorative magnetic locks as eye-catcher. The brand new click-locks by c-jot close by strong magnetism almost alone, they are extremely easy to use and high quality. The striking decorative elements made of precious metal are occupied with a stone (including Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine). As the base material either 750-er yellow gold, gold plated silver or silver is gold used. The locks from 370,-euros there individually or already as part of the bead or other chains. With high-quality magnetic locks, which visually even enhance fine chains or necklaces, a goldsmith from Lower Saxony brings a new touch in the holiday shopping season: under the new label c-jot team Claudia Janssen with stones developed hour closing online is there with or without chain ( Motto of novelty with different stones, shapes and designs: click and and sits. Click closures can not only characterize the appearance of the jewels, but also dominate in desired dimensions. Closures, which were rather inconspicuous and purely functional just in neck hiding, now become the focal point between the shoulder and neckline. The connection technology with strong mini magnets as a centerpiece is optionally surrounded by 750-er yellow gold, silver-gilt or silver with gold. Close to the price of 370,-euro are supplied with various versions including for Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine. The hasty as well as even older ladies, the fumbling with hooks and eyelets on the cervical spine reluctant for a long time will benefit from the perfect quick.

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Thursday, February 6th, 2020 News