Make Profitable Investments

Discover what is your tolerance for risk and your investor profile will help you to select the profitable investments more conveniently… While there are different types of profitable investments that can be made, we can encontrarsolo three distinct investor profiles. On the one hand we have the Conservatives, and on the other by the aggressive investors contrariolos. A middle ground is located between the two. The Conservatives are seeking safety does not want to risk the suficienteya who are afraid of losing everything. In general while less risk less profit is generated, but by another parteestas people can be with peace of mind knowing that your investment is relatively safe.

Another point to add is that these investors are neither much involved in business since selected profitable investments that can leave easily when the situation get worse on the other hand the Agresivos are that on the contrary, they want to take risks and invest larger amounts of money in businesses that, in the majority of cases random and ignorance of the future, increase the risk of lose or win. Depending on the goal that each person has their profiles of investors come to light. There are some who are raised to retire within 30 years, therefore do not risk and seek security as common funds or Government bonds, they obviously are conservatives. Another feature that distinguishes them is that in the majority of cases they don’t want to deliver their initial investment, i.e. they prefer to have the security that is available all the time in the event that should happen it to want to remove it. On the other hand, there are businessmen who are asked to buy a home in 2 years and are dedicated to analyze and invest fully in businesses that give many profits and hence are high risk, where others do not dare to invest.

This is the case of investors Agresivos, wanting higher profits in shortest time. In general its investment portfolio consists mainly by actions and investments in companies with the future. In the medium term as we said, a moderate investor is someone who knows diversify. It has investments in mutual funds and bonds that are relatively safe and leaves a margin of its funds to investments with high risk. If it goes bankrupt or fails to risking at least recover part of the losses with safe investments. If he wins on the other hand, maximizing their utilities without risking losing everything. Do now that knows the 3 profiles to make profitable investments in which you are located?


Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 News