Manfredi Ricca

In Brazil the industries still are engatinhando when the subject is support. Valley to also remember that in the country it does not have a law that compels the companies to be sustainable. In the textile industry, for example, already a bigger concern in relation to the products starts that go being used thus adding a value to the product. In last the two years, according to data of the consultoria Bain & Company, the luxury market more than suffered to retraction from 10% – an account of almost 25 billion dollar. The expectation of the analysts is that the sales alone return to the levels of 2008 in 2012.

In accordance with the site Vestibule Examination, the sociologist Joo Werner Grando says that so that if can face this crisis the luxury marks had found in the green marketing a form that the consumers if felt guilty little when spending one definitive amount to buy a dress. Manfredi Ricca, director of the consultoria Interbrand in Milan affirms: ' ' The new ambient conscience became new ' pretinho bsico' of the sector of luxo' '. It still says that he enters the young, this appeals is still more efficient. A research made for the consultoria Luxury Institute of New York with more than 1000 people between 18 and 25 years of age showed that almost 60% of them search information on support before deciding the purchase of a luxury item – before 40% of the average of the Americans. The industry of the fashion supplies the economy of the country, thus representing an important factor of market product, of development of capital and economic support, and its communication will have a determinative performance for this guarantee of participation in sales. The next chapter argues the relevance of if communicating, the communication tools, its importance and notoriety for the spreading, promotion and launching of a new product or mark.


Thursday, August 16th, 2012 News