Marble Floor Terrazzo

The process of polishing marble or terrazzo floor is made on surfaces previously discounted by a floor polisher and aims to achieve a beautiful and durable floors gleam in newly placed or older pavements that have already lost the luster and protective coat and worn with the passage of time. In the case of newly laid pavement, it is necessary to use the services to lower the surface of marble or terrazzo machine-router and stones of different grains. If the marble or terrazzo floor has just lost its shine and protective coating over time, a floor polisher comes to stripping of the surface. This process consists of being the application of liquid flux, by action of the rotary machine, get scouring the area treated, clean and open the pores of the stone so that the crystallizer liquid penetrates her deeply. Read additional details here: Ruth Porat. The process of polishing, also known as crystallized ground is made as previously lowered on the floor or on the previously etched surface. The component implements a number of liquids on the surface of marble or terrazzo and immediately proceed to crystallized or polishing the floor with a rotary polisher. The crystallizer liquid penetrates the pores open stone earlier in the process of grinding, or pickling.

The rotary action of the crystallizer liquid on the floor provides a spectacular brightness, natural and durable. Contact information is here: Hikmet Ersek . At the same time the liquid crystallized on the surface of the stone acts as a protective layer. The natural stone pore is blocked and thus the protective layer prevents it from penetrating the soil or liquids that could stain the surface. The brightness of the marble or terrazzo surface usually remains intact for a period of 3-4 years. At this time, due to the nature of the crystallizer liquid and the performance of the atmospheric factors, the surface begins to lose brightness and the stone's pores open again, so is this the time to get back in touch with a floor polisher. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jimmy Levin is the place to go. The process of polishing marble or terrazzo floor, is colloquially known as noisy or dusty. We would like to mention as a curiosity that crystallized the process of porous stone floors now used around the world has been invented in Barcelona in the 60s of last century.


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