Meat De Chivo Is Necessary To Protect This Line Of The Guajira Economy

The buds of anthrax in the Guajira have several facets, among them the danger who run who consume contaminated meat. Another one of the edges of this situation it has not been disclosed absolutely: bankruptcy of the producers and drug dealers and meat of I inform whose economy it has been seen seriously injured to root of the information on the bud of the disease and the news on new cases in the last days. When one is the food consumption that can cause serious consequences to him a their health, the citizens usually take some precautions and one of them has been the one to abstain to consume the meat of I inform, essential component of typical plates of the gastronomy guajira. The consequences have not been made hope and they have felt with force in the producing municipalities and drug dealers of goat. Before the first voices of alert appeared on the anthrax in Guajiro Small market of Maicao sacrificed about 120 daily animal, with which they provided 1800 pounds of meat for the local consumption. At the time of occurring to presumably know the first news on the bud a strange disease produced by the consumption meat of I inform, the consumption fell to zero. The drug dealers they practically were in a bankruptcy situation and the same happened to him to the plate restaurants dedicated on sale like friche, I inform roast and soup of I inform. A little later, when the waters returned to their channel, the consumers of this delicious meat returned to the expendios and the economy of the families wayu dedicated to the activity it began to have a slow recovery. Nevertheless, never the levels of the past, because in the best cases it was gotten to sacrifice sixty animal, exactly half of the total of the previous years were reached.


Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 News