Now Engines

Cars and logos today many brands that already are recognizable to us there is nothing more see his anagram, and can especially notice it if you look at the car brands, whose logos are part of our day to day. And there is enough of them that have a really curious origin. I speak here of one of them that most strikes me. If you ever have to go through you scrap yards looking for bmw parts, go looking for a characteristic logo: a black circle with a circle in blue and white quadrants inside. Thus it is difficult to imagine that in source drawing are a few blades of a propeller of an old airplane, but are. Brand in German acronyms come from Bayerische Motoren Werke, i.e.

work in the Bavarian engines. And those Bavarian motors were engines of planes, which was what beyond manufactured in the early 20th century. During the first world war was the main supplier of parts for aircraft of the German side. The great war ended and Germany had to surrender and sign the Treaty of Versailles. Much could be said of this Treaty and of how their abusive conditions are possibly the cause of the following problems that happened in Europe. The question that occupies us after the war prohibited any German company manufacture aircraft.

The BMW had to redo and went forward changing business, moving to build motorcycles and cars. The logo was also redesigned so that it does not remember all their origins, and since 1923 has the current structure, although there have certainly been modernizations of design and style along the way. Now and overcoming two wars, the brand is one of the drop-outs of the world.


Thursday, November 10th, 2016 News