Objective Appearances

Dissociation of appearances objective Teodulo Lopez Melendez in the Futurist Manifesto was spoken beauty of speed, one, clear is represented by means of transport, already begun in the 19th century revolution. The funny thing is that you condemning the immobility that, they thought, the literature had sentenced the man. As a result, is exalted aggressive movement, seeing insomnia, fatal jump. Check out Rob Daley for additional information. Technical manifesto of Futurist painting is he spoke of universal dynamism and the dynamic sensation, the concept of energy of matter whose essence was not what formed but the continuous form. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti would be today that Yes, that beyond as he wanted, the identification of the man with the machine approaching to unthinkable limits that could lead to a change of the same physiognomy of the human body and also to find that machine which he associated with speed today imposes immobility. What is beauty? What is it beauty? Within the world that comes from the breaking of double vision from the eye of a Dyslexic humanity, of the absolute loss of distance and reliefs, the disappearance of the art here, abandon the perspective of space to assume the perspective of time.

In any case, as Marinetti wanted it, beauty shall be associated with speed, but I can not conceive of how this beauty will be if it is that we are not to conclude that both words will become synonymous. Among other things, the post-industrial world already not manufacture large objects, since it is well known that we we have a technological product miniaturization. Tomorrow we tragaremos us micromachines that will tour our body, micro robots that walk our arteries and smart pills that will transmit information about the remains of meat that we are. Paul Virilio knows it and so coined the word animatas to describe those visiting strangers that eventually will be joining us as new bodies substitute those atrophied or useless or, simply, to meet other needs, not typical of the evolution of the species, since the case seems to be that evolution has ended.

Friday, August 12th, 2016 News