Offset Printing Types

Within the printing system called OFFSET we find several types of printing, can basically be classified by the type of material that print and the type of work. The first of them is printing on sheet is known to the print type of machines that printed Al foil. If the machinery allows different types of thicknesses, we can print any type of cardboards, cartons, and paper. Official site: Jeff Gennette. Subsequently, through the manipulated will obtain any kind of graphic production: Flyers, magazines, brochures printing on Rotary is called rotary printing when print support (paper) is manufactured by creating bovine.A single paper wrapped on itself will be the support of printing for this type of specific machines. The number of papers is limited, is not as wide as the print sheet to sheet. We differentiate two types of Rotary, depending on the type of ink and drying. The main advantages of rotary printing are the printing speed and the ability to print in line.

So autonomously machine can print, fold, glue and even fit the final material. PRINTING INDUSTRIAL is a type of printing that uses machinery cpeace print on different types of materials. These machines are used for printing of particular products and large run as prosprectos of medications or cardboard boxes. PRINTING on plastic bags or flexible plastics packagings are printed with this system using UV inks. PRINTING on TINPLATE are used UV inks for printing on cans of company type (soft drinks, base plates) printing on CARDBOARD – any display boxes that will fold or any printed item into carton to large quantities. Original author and source of the article

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