Pablo Freire

Summary: The category of analysis that we find in the text of Pablo Freire is the paper of the social worker in a change process, which has an performance detached in the desmitificao of the distorted reality, provoking the discovery of the true dimension in which he is immersed the worker, what it could be obtained by means of the critical perception of the reality. Thus, by means of the awareness of the individual and as product of the contact with them, it will fulfill the worker, the paper of change agent social. James Reinhart helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Freire comments the different aspects that must be taken in account in the process of alfabetizao and awareness of adults. Close relation, dialectic, with the context of the society where if it develops this process. Of course the specific domain in which the social worker acts is the social structure, which could not only be changeable because we would know at least it.

It does not have permanence of the change it are of static and vice versa. What it remains in the social structure is dialtico game of the change-stability. Change and stability result both of the action, of the work that the man exerts on the world. E, speech of the paper of the social worker implies in the analysis of the change and the stability as expressions of the form of being of the social structure. We observe some characteristics: That the man, in the case educating reflects on its proper reality and when it to understands, he is capable to transform it; The capacity that the man has to create and to recriar that he resembles it the God. The education must stimulate the option and affirm the man as man. To adapt is to accomodate, not to transform. In all man a creative impetus exists, that is born of the inconcluso of the man.


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