Philosophy In Colombia

Sustaining CHARTER STATUS OF PHILOSOPHY IN COLOMBIA some time ago expressed the following: We start with the observation of public and private institutions in charge of education. The bulk of these institutions are an improvisation. The rectors and the owners of this kind of means of production are unaware of the work of philosophy. They have no idea what is philosophy, or as applied. They are so destitute of reflection, they have never seen that philosophers have made the greatest contributions to history.

In the area of physics, mathematics, poetry, literature, sociology, astronomy, ethics and politics. And as many areas of knowledge. So when in any public or private school hired a teacher of social sciences, put this character to make the subject “philosophy.” Nothing more stupid and contrary to any well-grounded educational system. This shows the ignorance that has light years Colombia as a state. Well, as we say people, the education ministers of our country: maternity know more chickens.

Both the ministers of education as principals and masters of the school buildings do not have a clear picture, clear and distinct that is education. The first mistake is to place a social science teacher to teach something unknown, that has not ever seen that does not appreciate. The second error is that it leaves teachers without employment philosophy. “The failure of public and private universities in Colombia is that the philosopher does not come out with another emphasis, therefore is at a disadvantage. Example: a philosopher with an emphasis on employment and business law.


Saturday, August 17th, 2019 News