Portuguese Levels

The current enemy greater of the Portuguese, had to the fact of being responsible for the biggest number of mortal victims provoked by not natural causes, continues to cut with a scythe life the thousand of Portuguese, over all for benefiting of a property of ' ' assassin silencioso' ' , killing indiscriminately and without informing, from there the heading chosen for the present article. The seleco of this was not for mere perhaps, but determined with sight to illustrate the urgent necessity definitively to stop an origin of precocious death that seems not to soften in Portugal, good for the opposite. The cholesterol production occurs for share of the proper organism in the processing of the foods that are ingested and ' ' for defeito' ' , that is, in the normal conditions, it happens of adjusted form, being kept the ideal cholesterol levels. However, the alimentary incautiousness and sedentarismo provoke its uncontrol and finish for catapultar a series of decisive problems for the sprouting of fatal illnesses as the renal imperfection or the cerebral vascular accidents (AVC), this last proven as the main cause of death in territory luso. After the meals, the cholesterol travels for the intestine where if it establishes with proteins, quilomcrons, helping to the transport of the triglicerdeos until the o liver.

It would be here that the bad cholesterol would have to be exterminado, but such does not happen when its levels too much are raised, over all you leave because them biliary are incapable successfully to eliminate it in the totality, thus continuing through the sanguineous chain, something that would have to occur. However, it progresses in wires with a very bigger density that one where if it would become with the amount of equal cholesterol the recommended one, then, harmful. To prevent the ascent of the cholesterol levels and the problems inherent they, agree to prevent the extreme consumption of lacticnios of bovines and derivatives, red meats and products of this family. Diverse types of fish and fruits also generate cholesterol after its ingestion, even so in substantially lesser amounts, even because the cholesterol is necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, despite, as in everything, harmful when present in surplus in the temporary system of the human being. Contrarily what if it thinks, the cholesterol does not have any visible symptoms that allow its previous or at least current detention. The only form to obtain to know if its levels are in the ideal ratio are to make examinations regularly and to follow the results to see if he is safe in the situation where if it finds. It does not have daily pay-acknowledgment of a possible one I uncontrol of the cholesterol and alone with ' ' reviso' ' periodic if it will be able to detect some indesejada oscillation of this substance. The risk to suffer with the consequncias of the high cholesterol is particularly inquietantes when the good cholesterol (HDL) surpasses the 40 milligrams (mg) for decilitre (dl) and the bad one (the 130 LDL) exceeds mg/dl. The situation becomes unsustainable and demands extremely measured drastic when the concentration transposes the 750 barrier of mg/dl, a last limit that it will provoke the increase of the size of bao and the liver, for which harmful sequelas can be fatal, to the similarity of what it will be reflectir in agudizar of the cardiovascular and coronary illnesses.


Saturday, December 14th, 2019 News