Present Scene Management

Basic majorities, considerations Each country presents/displays his own economic and commercial characteristics, where it is pronounced a dynamic scene, that includes opportunities, changes, challenges, threats and in which the companies that in operate, must be prepared to evolve, of such form, that it favors to them and collaborate with the economic development of the surroundings where they develop. Venezuela our case, appears with a full scene of opportunities, but also of threats, that demands the one that the companies they count on a management able to confront the challenges, that of passage to the changes that are required to aim of to participate dynamically in a more and more aggressive competitiveness, due to the new economic openings that the present government has generated, thus, like the crisis who confronts, product of unproductive an enterprise sector, that has originated that foreign companies penetrate with more facility, offering their products, and causing in this way to that it is pronounced a dependency of alarming import Certain, that the companies that still maintain their productivity if they want to remain in the market must count on a trade management, able of to cause more aggressive plans, guaranteed with the new tendencies that this function has developed and to lean in strategies, action, tactics that allow to satisfy the demands that the Venezuelan consumer demands. Definitively, Venezuela confronts uncertainty surroundings, with uncertainty, risk, turbulence, that must very be taken into account by the management, and in this case by which the one concerns to us of trade, who it will have to take into account this situation and to adapt the strategies at the indicated moment, thus to be able to compete with the other companies. Management of market He is advisable, before the commercial reality of the present, where actions occur, participation of proactive, innovating, aggressive the functions of markets in form, that they cause a new style to satisfy the needs with the consumer, it gives aim to develop successful in competitive commercial dynamics, to count on a management of markets that is had well defined, its profile, profile competitions, abilities.


Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 News