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Easy registration with Facebook connect thanks to the “Facebook Connect” interface can Facebook members now with just a few clicks on produki register to evaluate products and to ask questions about products. Also, members can automatically publish new products which they possess or may, upon request on Facebook and present new achievements to their friends. “Facebook is the most important social network with 400 million members. With the integration of Facebook connect we simplify the registration process for all Facebook users and fulfil the wish of many users, their activities to produki with their Facebook friends”, so Roland Schafer, co-founder of produki. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. Produki collect and evaluate consumer information, tips and problem solving together products. Every user can complement existing information and highlight what products he has or may. Questions about products are automatically associated with the correct “product experts”, thus the seeking advice quickly a helpful Receives the response. The founders of Nico Zorn, Roland Schafer and Christian clever launched produki in August 2008..


Friday, August 9th, 2019 News