Products, Demonstrating The Image Of Each Organization

Do you know many of the badges and pens? We know about the badges and pens all! Badges – what about them to say? Card on a pin? Or method of presenting information? In fact – and then, and more. If we follow the definition, the badge – a plaque on the chest, which contains information about its owner – photo, name, title, company, which employs people. And created a badge for a reason, placed on the chest is not for beauty, his task – informing the interlocutor, the man who first contact the company, which has to do employee of the company, whether it's client, a future colleague or partner. To date, there are several varieties of badges. In First of all badges are different vertical and horizontal.

And one of these types of no worse than second – they are in their own good, and their choice depends on how comfortable you predostavoyat information on the badge. Different badges on the materials used to manufacture them. In this issue scope for choosing a sufficiently rich and allows you to create a variety of badges. Most materials used to create badges performs plastic of different thickness and pvc – hard or soft form. And then we turn to the most important – exclusive badges. It's badges, which are made specially to order on the parameters provided by the customer and information. Of modern technology in the manufacture of badges, we can make a badge with a special air-tight lock Zip-Lock, not allowing dust and moisture on the badge. Such a badge, you can operate in rain and snow, and stay with him at the moment.

Attachment for badges – this is also an individual choice, where proposed and pins, and clips and clips and, in some cases or, if required by the company, you can hang the badge on the neck of a broad or narrow ribbon. And now, the most basic – pens. Pens – is not only a tool for writing, this image, charm, indicator of the status and refined taste. Modern fountain pens are valued as talsman that used for signing when the contract are extremely important. A hand-held kind pen – one of pleasure, and if such a pen – Crocodile, Picasso, Duke, Fandini was in your hands, you will be impossible to release it. Fountain handles fit and Merchant gift. Presenting the one presented in our pens to your partners, you will definitely leave their opinion of himself as a man of exceptional taste who appreciate the traditional classics. And due to the is that the possession of high-end fountain pen speaks for itself – when you proudly pull out a fountain pen and sign a major contract immediately, the impression you have extended to others, for a long time will give felt. Company Polpen – is exceptionally high quality and original badges and pens of eminent manufacturers – Crocodile, Picasso, Duke, Fandini. We can offer you to plunge into the world of the highest quality products for the office. and These items are also important as office equipment for the office. As prestige, status, image – this is the most important thing for respectable companies.


Saturday, June 4th, 2011 News