Psycotherapy Art

Soon historical the history of the Arteterapia is closely on to the History of the Art, the Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry. To follow, the idea of as is developed it was born and if it developed, being based on these estimated and its relations between itself. Inside of its historical passage the Art is a common phenomenon to all the cultures since daily pay-history, supplying the necessity human being of expression of everything what it impresses the individual, of everything what it feels, sees and perceives of the relations obtains exactly and with the world to its redor. It is a form of organization of the experience human being, in way to transform it into knowledge object, by means of the feeling, inside of its historical passage.

The art comes if revealing since primitive times as spokesman of the society and transforming language of the environment. By means of symbols the men if had communicated, invented the writing, had transmitted feelings. They had ahead testified its investigation of the universe. They had created cult objects, they had built temples, they sculptured saints. He had the necessity to communicate feelings of faith and hope in a better world. Shaping the clay or sculpturing the rock, choosing colors and forms, the artist if enriched interior. He looked order, rhythm and the harmony, it if he also harmonized I obtain exactly, with the nature and the society, combining itself it its half one (ANDRS, 2000, p.17). In well remote times the Art leagued the religion to it or to the magic in an attempt human being to direct its creative necessity for the conquest of the forces of the nature or to unmask the mystery of the life. With all its expressions, the Art evolved throughout the centuries, testifying the history of the humanity and being fit it the new molds of thought of the civilization, yielding to the formalism and being servant, in century XVI, the first Academy of Beautiful Arts, in Italy.


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