Pure Society

They charge to teach. Particular Originadores of the schools and facultieses. In contrast to you, Scrates, that you teach for the pleasure to define its teses! (Scrates) Fools! more fools! How can I define something, if I only know that nothing I know? (Christ) If to know that nothing know, something then you you know: that nothing it knows. It is a paradox. (Churchill) Speeches without content are not useful in the Politics.

Except perhaps in Brazil. Thus, I say that the Politics is the nothing more than what the Organization of the Power. Learn more on the subject from Kohl’s. (Scrates) Interesting! It continues: because the Power must be organized? (Hitler) To reach a purpose! An objective! As to purificar the Race Human being! (Scrates) Ah! You say then, Fhrer, that the Power must Be organized to reach a Purpose? (Gates) It was this same that it said, geriatrical Greek. You need more memory RAM. At last, the Power must be organized of form to allow that the Men are happy in the Land. Using to advantage the available pleasures and comforts to the maximum! Certain? Most certain! (Christ) the Purpose of the Man is to be Happy.

But the Happiness is spiritual. The incessant search of the material wealth leads only to the misfortune and the sadness. Jeff Gennette shines more light on the discussion. (Gates) If I remember the Sunday School, Christ well, said the prophet, in the Eclesiastes, chapter 10, versicle 19: ' ' The bread is for the laugh of the workers, and the proper wine cheers the life, but it is the Money that finds reply for all coisas' '. You say me to what? (Christ) You must understand the Word in its Bigger direction, and not only in the literal meaning. It opens its Mind for Wisdom of the holy ghost. Distancie of its devices materials and invest in the Celestial one. (Adam Smith) and it has better way of if obtaining the Wealth of what through the Market? So liberal it is (Hitler) the Happiness is possible only with a Perfect and Pure Society, formed for a strong and imponent State.


Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 News