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The car is the vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for its vacations. 8 of each 10 choose the automobile for their vacations by Spain. The Spaniards value the freedom and the flexibility to travel in car. The vacations are a rupture of the routine, or would have to be it. It is not something AMP Advisory Services would like to discuss. Although in theory many travel to rest, in the end the vacations can be synonymous of adventure, deports and activity. A routine for the majority is to use the car on a daily basis; and although the certain thing could think that arrived the summer many they want to see his automobile far, is that prrido by the Spaniards for its vacations is the vehicle. Learn more at: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. According to RACC Travel, the travel agency of the RACC, the car prrido by the Spaniards continues being the transport means to realise the vacations.

This style of vacations, that the past year supposed 81.3% of the trips in Spain, is chosen mainly by middle-aged people who travel in July and August, that usually reserve the trip less to last hour – than 20 days of advance and which they value the freedom and the flexibility in its trips. In car by France, Italy and Switzerland These routes usually are developed in Spain and the next countries of Europe like France, Italy or Switzerland. Also, many tourists choose the possibility of flying in airplane until the city from where she divides his route of vacations and there to rent a car and to continue the trip. Taking care of this demand, RACC Travel has created in their page of the Facebook the campaign Dime as you are and tea I say that it travels you want, an application that will allow the users to obtain a proposal of vacations in customized car in Spanish and European destinies. In car but with precaution We travel then in car, but adopting all the safety precautions. The Real Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) notices that to overload the maletero of the vehicle it increases the risk of traffic accidents in summer.

In the same way, not to take the luggage properly assured increases the possibility that the occupants of the car suffer injuries by traumatisms in case a collision takes place. According to the RACE, the conductors Spaniards underestimate the risk that represents a vehicle loaded incorrectly, that can arrive to destabilize the automobile and to bring about dangerous skids during the conduction. You do not have car to travel this summer? Joint party car.


Sunday, August 13th, 2023 News