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Frankfurt/Vienna / Zurich, April 07, 2014: Bad reputation on the NET can sink the career opportunities. Yasni is now offering online-Expose for optimal presentation in the net. The current privacy study by Microsoft shows that 20 percent to check the online reputation more personal, as candidate to make sure. Over 70 percent of the German HR emphasize the importance of a positive online profile, but less than half of the Internet users pay attention to its reputation on the net. Interestingly a large part of the HR indicates in addition to search, although this is not part of the official application process of the company on the Web for information about candidates. First names people search offers the possibility to present the person along with their skills and increasing the findability on the net for HR management with their new, free expose under ex pose now. In addition, to increase the visibility, overexposed on specific keywords can be optimized. The study results show that in terms of a successful career an active management of own representation in the network now is a must.

We now offer the ability to maintain your own good reputation free with an expose and to present the HR management directly from the best side”therefore our users, first’s Managing Director Steffen Ruhl explains. About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can include their information itself along with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is management with 30 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation.

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