When all almost died of hunger, as Jlio, that the father nor gave attention, for being one ' ' imprestvel' ' , as others of the children, who had concepts based on intuition and anger. Until had been to see body of Joo, if they had scared with great horta of beans encircling, currencies that sobraram formed a way, that arrived in a done ticket of bread paper, has few meters from there ' ' This is the ignorance, greed, and the finite, together, the land, the together wisdom takes the man, hope and the infinite, leads of the land for homem' '. For one more time, order of the father, whom it does not know to interpret the direction the ticket, nor the least to understand the words used, who of the family understood the ticket, it would have to embed the boy, and ' ' to disappear pra well longe' ' with the ticket, showing its firm position, and composed as always, however, looked at for where the mother was taking Joo, to be able to catch the ticket future. In the following day, already with the ticket in hands, the father finally, with many hours, and a used dictionary for Joo, while alive, in hands, discovered the direction. All called the family, ordered the four to harvest the necessary one of consumption, to plant each time more beans, and to venderem the necessary one to buy rice, that was not born in such land. – I go with Joo, I find that this is the minimum that I can make.

They forgive me, would have to understand my son. They forgive me, would have to understand Jlio, Forgive me would have to understand vocs all. Robert if killed with the club that had in house, was a show of horrors in the neighborhood, a man beating each time more in the proper head, untiringly. per many years, the family if fed of the beans and the rice, but it is really a pity, to be as this family, whom it needs to take a man the land, to perceive the error, however, the least, to the family, never lacked nothing, since the land led to the man.


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