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The proportion of reusable bottles decreases steadily, because more and more German access to the returnable. Also alleged reports of the success of the Federal Environment Ministry can not hide the”hors Meierhofer, spokesman for waste management of the FDP Bundestag criticised. And even for beer the more way world is no longer in order. After the single boom in the non-alcoholic beverage business, a discount campaign in the beer category now reaches the retailers. Hundreds of livelihoods are already this year at the end, newspaper reports the food: the view from Sepp Gail, Managing Director of shopping ring of German beverage markets, is serious. “We are facing a terrible scene ‘, the drink is convinced”, writes the LZ.

Water, soft drinks and juice the discounter would increasingly offer now also beer in non-returnable bottles. Drinking good owner Torsten Toeller feel already the first effects. He estimates that about 500 dealers of estimated at around 11000 relevant professional market operators this year finally turn the key of its stores around. The Managing Director of Hoffmann markets, Rolf Harder, rather thinks it’s the lower limit. More and more offers for sale flutter on his table”, so the LZ. For the discounters, the deposit is a lucrative business, Ascon-chef Sascha white shoe.

Many mortgage non-returnable bottles are not brought back into trade. The attrition rate is well over 20 percent. You could find out very quickly analyses of waste: already sorter in the waste sector are supervised so that they take any returnable bottles home, but leave on the tapes. As you can imagine, how much is the percentage of disposable PET bottles in the trash. The legislature must act so quickly and readjust the amended Ordinance, otherwise more way bloodletting cannot be stopped”shoe warns.

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Monday, July 22nd, 2019 News